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Minstrels of skaythe covers 1-6

Covers of Minstrels of Skaythe series 1-6 (cover art by Tithi Luadthong)

Minstrels of Skaythe is a Discordian Cabal made up of mage-minstrels hiding in the Aneristic Region of Skaythe. Skaythe is under the Curse of Greyface and is ruled by the Greyface Dar-Gothull. The Cabal leader is Ar-Thea KALLISTI, and the members are Keilos, ALemin, Lorrah, BerISan, TIsha, and Meven,

After the minstrels split, they each had their own adventures, battling the oppressive, controlling ones, The Agents of Greyface, using Discordian means. These tales are told by Deby Fredericks.

  • Keilos in The Tower in the Mist
  • Tisha in Dancer in the Grove of Ghosts
  • Meven in The Ice Witch of Fang Marsh
  • Berisan in The Renegade of Opshar
  • Alemin and Lorrah in Prisoners of the Wailing Tower
  • All of the above in The Tale of the Drakanox

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