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Motel Sex sign.

Motel Sex is a motel chain that started in Springfield.


Motel Sex was founded in Springfield in 1953, after Spring and Field copulated. It was begun by six local building contractors, Një, Dy, Tre, Katër, Pesë, and Gjashtë. The sextuplet partners developed a plan to build motels with rooms at low cost rates. They decided on a $6.66 room rate per night (equivalent to $66.60 in 2066). Hence the company name "Motel Sex".


The founders bought the property for the motel thinking it was on the coast, which is what they were told by Homer "Jim" Bauers. They originally thought about calling the motel "Motel Sea Swimming Sex" or "Motel S.S.S." But they later learned the distance from Springfield to the coast was 666 km. They tried moving the motel, but it was too heavy.

So they thought, "if we can't bring the hotel to the sea, we'll bring the sea to the hotel." They then invented the first swimming pool.

Discordian connection[]

Subgenius Universal Church of Kallisti began in the original Motel Sex in 2023. And as the motel allows people of all ages, races, and sexes, and animals of any species that can roam the hallways, there's a lot of discord there.