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Ĕk-sĕn-trĭks Cluborguild of Mount Santa Juanita College

Mt. Santa Juanita College is where the Ek-sen-triks Cluborguild and the Order of the Pineapple began. While the college is or was real, the name is apparently fictional.

The Ĕk-sĕn-trĭks Cluborguild officially began on Monday, 16 November 1981 as a club of "Mt. Santa Juanita College." The group was founded by Alien and Zeus (A to Z.) Its purpose as later stated in its constitution was "the participatorial study of comedic attitudes and eccentric tendencies." Possible inspirations for the college's name include:

  • Mummy Santa Juanita College (fictional institution based on Santa Momia Juanita (Spanish for "Saint Mummy Juanita"), also known as the Lady of Ampato).
  • Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos (English: Our Lady of Saint John of the Lakes), statue of Nuestra Señora de San Juan del Valle which is a Roman Catholic title of the Blessed Virgin Mary venerated by Mexican and Texan faithful.
  • Mount San Jacinto College, a community college with five campuses located in Riverside County in California.
  • San Jacinto College, a public community college in the Greater Houston area, with its campuses in Pasadena and Houston, Texas. Houston The Houston region's geology developed from river deposits formed from the erosion of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Juniata College, a private liberal arts college in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania formerly known as "Brethren Normal School." The area had been the site of the Huntingdon and Broad Top Mountain Railroad, and its listed as one of "The BEST Mountain Bike Trails in the World."
  • Santa Juanita which is located in Bayamon Municipio, Puerto Rico, United States. The area includes NUC University, Modern Hairstyling Institute-Bayamon, CEM College-Bayamon, and Colegio de Cinematografía Artes y Television.
  • My San Juan College, a term used traditionally for San Juan College which is in Farmington, New Mexico.