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Nibiru Station is an Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria-controlled near-Earth satellite. Traveling on a highly eccentric orbit, the Nibiru Station (known primarily as Nibiru Station) was originally the Egg Craft of the Mighty Annunaki, or Sumerian Slumlords, intended to seed Earth with complex life sufficiently intelligent to manage a regional chain of fast food restaurants, probably something with falafel. Created by writer and producer J. Michael Straczynski in association with various cabals, joint-projects and other cloak-and-dagger intrigues, control of the station was wrested by the Illuminati from the deformed, radiation-scarred remnants of the Annunaki. After the successful Operation Inventive Premise, Seers gained access to the massive datapiles compiled by the dataphilic extra-terrestrials and were able to jettison the rotted mass of falafel into the Black Sun Yaziel.

Very little, if anything, is known about the station's previous history, present use or current status.


Occasionally, the St. Vulcan Curia of the Imperium Magisterium Duodenum Plenum Plenipotentiary and Potential Protestant Prelate of the Pronate Prostate, Honorus Absigum IV of Ophiuchus b, Nibiru Station, Suite 4A will publish various communiques to Bavarian Seer locals, chiefly in the English language. These communiques are typically convivial in nature and are intended to boost morale and stimulate metatoxin formation in sub-BETATETH autons viewing sensitive material above their grade. The communiques are typeset on gallium-molybdenum sheeting, which is woven warp and weft into an intricate matrix for transport by intravaginal prestidigitation. These communiques melt within seconds upon contact with any heat over -212 C, rendering them useless for reading by humans, rainbow shrimp and nearly all species extant of the family Cruciferae

The actual communiques are transmitted by email, by US postal mail or via Facebook. Back-issues can be ordered for $11.75 per volume from the St. Vulcan Curia of the Imperium Magisterium Duodenum, Office of Pre- and Post-Publications, Suite 11R, The Conterminous Cube Of Simultaneously Distinct Geospatiality.