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Lodane with microphone

Lodane with microphone

The Illuminatus! Trilogy Lodane blocks JoePlay

Lodane blocked Fandom staff member JoePlay, accusing him of "abusing multiple accounts" (i.e. being a sockpuppet). He was the staff member who had approved her adopting the site.

Episkipos Nonesuch Entity aka Lodane aka Lodane Erisian aka Luteus aka Irene Silva is an anti-sockpuppeteer. She adopted Fandom's The Illuminatus! Trilogy Wiki on 4 March 2019. She then banned all active editors, calling them all sockpuppets. She called a person who was a model for a character in The Illuminatus! Trilogy a vandal, and banned the Fandom staff member who had approved her adopting the site.

She's a self-proclaimed elder millennial spinster; a gender, sex, & romantic minority. She's the former sother of Alden O. Loveshade ("Lodane" is an anagram for "O Alden"); and a 'Macho Man' Randy Savage impersonator.

She wrote:

  • This wiki will not endorse, allow, link, reference, or mention any materials to do with Alden Loveshade, Miley Spears, Pope Hilde, JoX the Bobtist and all the other sockpuppets due to his established record of engaging in a campaign of disinformation and use of sockpuppets. Any violation of this rule will be considered an act of sockpuppetry in party to an intentional disinformation campaign. No sockpuppetry will be tolerated. Any indication of sockpuppetry will be taken very seriously and likely lead to a ban.
  • Spreading misinformation about Markoff Chaney, Kerry Wendell Thornley, Gregory Hill, Robert Shea, Robert Anton Wilson, Patricia Luna Wilson, or anyone/thing else (fictional or historical) will lead to an immediate ban.
  • Harassing admins of this wiki (on this site or elsewhere) will not be tolerated.

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