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Notice of Public Hearing

Notice of Public Hearing or NPH is the first step in the construction process of the Discordian Construction Company.

Notices of Public Hearings can be those that are concerned with Matters Spiritual or Matters Physical.

Matters Spiritual are wrapped up in all kinds of red tape, electrical tape, and duct tape to best simulate what happens when you mess in the affairs of the Goddess Eris Discordia. Under the new direction or mandate under heaven, people, places, things, stuff and other stuff are brought to public scrutiny. Judgments are made as to the utility of Spiritual Growth versus the costs that would be incurred to bring about this Spiritual Growth. Matters of Zoning, drainage, grading, conforming use, non-conforming use, variances and the need for Spiritual Bypass routes and how the Flat Survey will be affected by the inclusion of additional tons of concrete, cement, rebar and stuff. Don’t even get me started on the intersections. The intersections into other Spiritual Paths, and the question as to the “real” versus the “token” Pavement of Souls and Saints has to be considered. Wideages, length, beginnings and endings of routes, Soul Congestion during peak hours are just some of the other factors that need to be considered.

Matters Spiritual also are concerned with elements of the Jackhammers of Justice. This includes interventions in excommunications, interdicts, and quarantines.

Matters Physical concern DCC intervention into existing real or somewhat real or even fictional locales. All matters of the Road will always have Spiritual Elements and all decisions concerning changes to the Roads are shadowed by this Great and Grave Responsibility.

Matters Physical will need to address many of the same topics as Matters Spiritual but will also include more mundane concerns such as impact on economy, impact on impending military actions and outdoor activities such as picnics.


The Notice of Public Hearing notice is posted in a public space, blog or emails expected to be read by 38% of affected parties. If there is a party running concurrently, only 12% needs to respond.

The date is chosen and let’s get it on.

As of January 1, 2010, all public meetings have been held online, either via email, blogs, or electronically thrugh an electronic versions of the Brightening Dells Community Center.

After this meeting, having heard all pertinent or even non-pertinent stuff as long as it’s interesting because you gotta admit, some of this stuff is really, really dry, approval is given or not for a revised Flat Survey. A time period is selected and another Notice of Public Hearing posted for final recommendations.

In unusually strange or complicated situations, this process can go on and on and on. If you think this is dry, multiply it by 10 for this possibility. A desert will form upon your tongue and yet we shall continue.

Once the final recommendations have been accepted, it becomes a Spiritual, Physical, Improvement Task (SPIT) and goes on towards construction.