Discordian Wiki

What kind Of information did you hope to find here? Not any kind I've ever heard Of, that's for sure!

One could argue that there is no information Of worth to a discordian, but such arguments are usually long, hard and full of tedious tiny letters.

Of all the things that could pop into your mind, this, Of course, is one Of the most unexpected.

Did you know that this article speaks Of it about 7 times. What do you make Of it? Oh, 8 times.

Also, 8+2 = 10, which is a multiple Of 5, which.... Hmm.. 9 times. Need to rework my math.

9 added to the number Of letters Of the word... Damn, is that 11 already?

I'm sure there is a mathematical relation to the number 5 somewhere in here...

Ah! The sentence "Eleven fine two-letter words!" is an anagram Of (oh dear) "Five Trolls Tweeted: 'Rent, Wow!'"

This is how it goes.