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Operation Indiepreneur - Ongoing operation to advance not Discordianism itself, but Discordians themselves to the fore-front of intelligent creativity and take control of the means of the production of the general culture by any economic and artistic means necessary.

And to make really cool shit!

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3 Ways to Increase your intelligence

1. Continually expand the scope, source, intensity of the information you receive.

2. Constantly revise your reality maps, and seek new metaphors about the future to understand what's happening now.

3. Develop external networks for increasing intelligence.  In particular, spend all your time with people are as smart or smarter than you. 

-Aleister Crowley

Discordian Revolutionary Thinking[]

Whoever controls what you see controls what you think. But our reality is no longer based on what they tell us. With the new media tools we all have at our disposal all of us with the inclination to make our voices and opinions heard loudly can now more fully participate in the debate. ...There is more free speech today than there has ever been at any point before in history.

...The modern revolutionary doesn't necessarily want to bring down the system, or destroy capitalism. Far from it.

In a society where capitol is king and every dipshit with a dot com is making bank, like they are printing cash in the cellar, and many of them are. The point should be to get as close to that AOL/TIME WARNER/AT&T/CNN/CBS/ABC/NBC/RCA money as you possibly can get. If they will give, you should grab, and not think twice.

The truly up-to-date rebel rouser seeks the path of least resistance and subverts from within. The multinational media corporations need people like us to make their software, write their articles, and produce their television shows.

Smell an opportunity for mischief? I do. Today's aspiring modern rebels should take a page from the book of Simpsons creator Matt Groening, or Trey Parker and Matt Stone the guys behind Southpark, or Marilyn Manson. The most subversive thing anyone can do is become popular. There is no point in having a feeble voice if you dont have to.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one sends out a press release to the media, it didnt happen. Obscurity isn't admirable... If your message is packaged in a sexy, funny, and interesting way, people will listen.

The days of throwing Molotov-cocktails and getting beaten up by cops, although Seattle 99 did look like fun, is out. The days of living in a penthouse apartment, driving a Lexus, and beating your enemies at their own game is in.

Have your cake and throw it too. In other words, don't complain about the media, become the media.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have seen the Illuminati and it is us.

-Richard Metzger

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