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Orange - Where the Wild Things Are

Orange is the element of confusion, of cognitive dissonance. Orange is the feeling of the Lobster in the bookcase, the uncertainty of the left handed torque wrench.

Orange happens to everyone, some people handle it with cool and calm, shifting Booming Orange into a minor Prickle and simply allowing the Pungent Orange to exist in a Zen like state. Others deny it, trying to say that they have No Orange. We know they lie.

Orange carries any irrational number, (e, pi, 1/3 etc.) and is the same colour as the other side of the paper.

The element of sight.

Invocation: Oh full ,round, ripe, nourishing orange, be with us now. May you ever be pulpy and palpable, genuine and natural, and never dehydrated, reprocessed, irradiated, or pesticided. Feed our stomachs, hearts, and souls. Provide us with our recommended daily allowance of vitamin C. May we be healthy and well nourished within this circle.

Dismissal: Orange, ere you become mushy and moldy, and no longer so nourishing, please depart these premises and return to the earth so that we may be nourished by you again someday. So it is that none of the elements are totally dismissed, but go outward to join in the chaotic dance of the elements.

Weekday: Setting Orange