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The Ordo Dea Discordia, or ODD for short, is an eristic-chaoist disOrder of chonks founded in late 3182. The mission and purpose of the order is "to spread the GOddess's cheeky message, to help its members to live in a personal relationship with HER and to create chaos and confusion".

History and Activity[]

The ODD was founded after a long incubation period on the Afm 55th 3182 at 55h DDT by Ron Oxymo under the patronage of Bwana Honolulu in his function as trishop. Ron Oxymo was appointed abbot against his explicit will and has been trying to get rid of this office ever since.

Among the activities of the ODD are, above all, the Friday hot dog ritual, which is usually held on Tuesdays, and the compilation of the Holy Scriptures, called "das Pentazeuch" ("the Pentastuff"), especially, yet not exclusively for religious use. The order also dedicates itself to the active and open practice of discordanism in everyday life and the questions of the personal relationship between the believer and the goddess.

In cooperation with Zimmer523, the Discordian Internet Society was founded, which is dedicated to the collection, preservation and provision of discordic cultural and cult assets on the Internet.