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Not to be confused with Otherlleft who is an entirely different sockpuppet

Paternosterprime walks the Earth during Giftmas, a cartooned pillow case slung over his shoulder that is filled with gifts likely to embarrass the recipient. His gay red-and-green clothing always includes a red mask and matching Santa hat, which is festooned with horns or antlers in honor of the reindeer-antlered god Santa.


  • Member of the Order of the Turtle.
  • Priest of Bill the Cat.
  • Avatar of Santa.
  • Primate of the Bernie Johansen Cabal.
  • Originator of Going Postal Makes Sense.
  • Fool with a mule.
  • The entirety of the 1984 Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club squadron


Inside every banana there is a little kitten wanting to sniff catnip.

His reaching hand wanders the world like Fate . . . sometimes it brings unexpected things, and sometimes it would be nice if he would just remove it from your pants.

Not a saint, apostle, or bureaucratic minion (excepting on Bureflux), P| has a vast plucked-wing conspiracy at his fingertips.

Discordia Wikia[]

Patermosterprime, using the sockpuppet Otherlleft, founded Disocrdia Wikia's sockpuppet Discordian Wiki.