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Petition for Conforming Non-Conforming Use of Electronic Media dated 23rd June, 2010

Realizing that a Discordian Wiki is for the dissemination of Wacked, Weird, Wooly Stuff and that we, the Chaostic Taber-Nickel of Discordia wish to play in this electronic disinformation playground, this constitutes a Conforming Use.

Discovering, horrified that we used the word Conforming in the same sentence with Discordianism, have hastily added Non-Conforming to the text as any creation by a Discordian will be by definition, Non-Conforming.

Requesting that the entire site be properly zoned, and full Flat Survey completed by the Discordian Construction Company.

Contemplating all manners of improvements specifically:

1. Creation of Streets within the Wiki. All Streets are Saints. St. = St. Let’s Pave the way to Salvation. I am paved, I am paved, I am paved in light cement of Eris! Follow your Street. Find your Street. Cross your Street. But never stray from your Street, for the way to Hell is paved with good intentions and the Highway to Hell is closer than you think!

2. Creation of Highways and Roads, cuz let’s face it, without some danger and spice, what really is the point? Besides some people, souls and things need to travel these Highways and Roads, feeling the awfulness first, before finding their Street. Is Your Street Lost? Persevere on your Road. Keep Rolling on and you will roll where? Somewhere that’s for sure.

3. Improvements scheduled to be made to Fractured Thoughts. Some of the entries are as skinny as a sidewalk and need some meat. Let the Spirit Move You! Type as if possessed, type as if there is no tomorrow. Let wild the thoughts that dog your sleep, your rare waking moments, your bath time.

4. Incorporate stuff that none of us even thought of for a greater understanding of the mystery of what the hell I am talking about.

5. Placeholder for other stuff to be announced, discovered, tripped over later in life.

Witness my Hand, Foot and Seal, possibly an Otter, this 23rd day of June in the year of 2010. Once Pope no more, now restored: Pope St. Ben-Hur Sturgeon, a Found Nickel of Eris, Strange Change Sure Enuff, but not Changing the Strange Part, Guru Public for the Chaostic Taber-Nickel of Discordia.