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Petition for Demolition Permit dated 21st November 2016[]

Seeing the danger of stagnation, even in strange things, or things created as a devotional chaotic thing and realizing that The Goddess of Strange Change demands just that. Change.

Admitting that the original idea for this community center is not meeting the needs of this community.

Confessing that it now, regardless of its intrinsic beauty at its immaculate conception, has arrived at lameness.

Hardens the resolve to do something else with this, the Brightening Dells Community Center.

Thinking that the picture should stay, definitely. Thinking that the petition format should maybe go away. Seems a bit cumbersome. Yeah, wanted to use the cabbage head methodology to highlight the nuttiness of same but I don’t really enjoy using it. Now using it on an unsuspecting “real” world might be another matter.

Demolitioning only in the sense of changing the structure and content. I don’t mean erasing or destroying any words. Maybe we can put them in a museum as a historical record and as a poignant reminder of good ideas gone grey.


Pope at Large – St. Ben-Hur Sturgeon