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Pislode's birthplace.

Pislode, commonly known as Uncle Pislode, is co-founder with Kallias Fausto, Buddy Asstain, and Sister Selkey of Subgenius Universal Church of Kallisti aka S.U.C.K.

Personal life[]

Pislode was discovered as a newborn infant in a room at a Motel Sex in San Francisco, California. This was on Saturday, 21 January 1984, right before the opening of Kallisti Kitten Klub next door. The discovery was made by J.R. "Bob" Dobbs and Connie Dobbs who found the infant floating in the toilet.

Because of the unclean nature of the birth, the infant was blessed that day by Father Fundament. Prophetically, the father had stayed in that same motel room nine months earlier. The father had stayed there counseling sisters who were also staying at the motel temporarily following the destruction of the sisters' Krack Kocaine Kommune.


Pislode gradated from Yuck Fou High School in 2002.

Computer Clothing Conventions[]

At age 16 in the year 2000, Pislode noticed that when people brought a computer with them to a Motel Sex, the computer was always naked. Some people hid their naked computer in a case just to avoid it being exposed.

So Pislode studied fashion design and computers, and at the age of 18 invented his own company. He named it in honor of Connie Dobbs, founding secretary of the Church of the SubGenius who was one of the first people to use a computer. And he named it in honor of Malaclypse the Elder, wise father of Discordianism co-founder Malaclypse the Younger, who wore clothes. So he named his new company MalWear Con.

This led to the creation of the convention called MalWear Con in 2004. Each 21 January, computers from all over head to the Motel Sex in Springfield, for a fashion convention. The conventions became known as Komputer Klothing Konventions.