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In Disney's Hercules, Pluto is the the god of the underworld- except in the movie he is called Hades.

In Disney's Mickey Mouse cartoons, Pluto is Mickey's pet dog.

Hades, the Greek God of the Underworld (Not Afterlife), was turned into Pluto when the Romans stole him. They decided He would look much better with a waggily tail. He was tricky in a manner of ways, but never really sneaky. When he stole away Europa to ravish her, he did not do it with subtlety- he ripped open the Earth and swept her off her feet. When he tricked Persephone into eating six pomegranite seeds, he did not say that he was not trying to keep her there.

Pluto is not really much of creator rather than a guard for the Realm of the Departed. Still, he was not less a god to those who worshiped him. And no, in classic literature, he did not have a flaming head.

But that's probably because classic literaturistians lacked imagination and a sense of style. They were too obsessed with boring reality to think outside of the box.