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Prickle - Harsh Harsh Harsh

Prickle carries the unhappy side of the world on its shoulders, slung carelessly in a backpack with no thought as to how much anger is mashed into grief or which pieces of despair get broken off and stick to boredom. Prickle doesn't give a damn who or what you are, so long as you can take away some of that heavy load.

Th conceptual number of Prickle is anything between 11 and 23, its colour is that of a television tuned to a dead channel. It’s noise is theorised to be that of a dying banjo accompanied by a chorus of parrots saying the word ‘OW PAIN PRICKLE HARSH’ but this theory has not been proven in more than 446 senses.

The element of touch.

Invocation: Oh Great Mother of Chaos, let us not lapse into oblivion and unconsciousness. When we have become comfortably numb, prickle us, awaken us, enliven us. Prickle us enough that we stay awake and learn our lessons, and please make the lessons no harder then they need to be. May we be awake and fully alive in this circle.

Dismissal: Essence of prickle, though we grant you permission to depart if you will, we know we are not off the hook. Ere you depart to your spiny realms, leave us with the awareness to continue along our paths without falling into the pit of obliviousness.

Weekday: Prickle-Prickle

Also a failed genetic experimentation involving a vegetable-like fruit and a reproductive organ.