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Professor cramulus
Cover issue 1

Intermittens issue 1 edited by Professor Cramulus


Intermittens issue 6 edited by Professor Cramulus

Claiming to be an orphan raised on dog milk, Professor Cramulus aka Pirate Dan came onto the Discordian online scene on January 1st, 2007. A complete unknown, he rapidly charmed his way into the core of The Discordian Society with his hilarious antics, including major contributions to Discordianism such as tOMGASMic PosterGASM and EggGASM.

At first appearing to be an agent of chaos, it slowly became more and more evident to observers outside of his sycophantic core group of adoring followers that Cramulus is, in fact, something else entirely... a mole agent of Order whose primary goal is to "organize" the Discordian Society out of existence. He recruits innocent Discordians into the seemingly chaotic Surreal Pinealist Rutabega Discordians (SPReaD) which is secretly an order-spreading division of The Agents of Greyface. The battle against Cramulus' diabolical design was launched by a sole heroic soldier of Chaos on Thursday, April 9 2009. Most Discordians are still blinded by Cramulus' moustachioed charms and anti-diabetic hyperbole, but at the time of this writing many are stripping the wool from their eyes and seeing his true nature.

Cramulus was the editor of the first and sixth editions of Intermittens magazine, and is related to Dr. Kromm, GURPS Line Editor for Steve Jackson Games.

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