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Pungent - That Creeping Feeling

Pungent is the slow release of feelings, the sustained emotions or mental states. Almost always asociated with Sweet or Prickle (except when it isn't).

Boom and Pungent work against each other most of the time and a balance can be struck between them with a little care. When they are working together the balance can be struck with either a lot of care or none, depending on their mood.

Most Horror films exploit Pungent-Prickle, the slow buildup of suspense, the sustained horror...

Pungent infulences last, they stick around and fade only slowly if they fade at all.

Pungent-Sweet is a state of hapiness, Pungent-Orange messes with your mind and Pungent-Prickle is very hurtfull.

Pungent bears the number 7 and the color of sunrise on a winters morning.

The element of smell.

Invocation:  We call upon the essence of pungency, the sensual, the untamed, that wild smell we cannot ignore. We call upon that goaty aroma that does not know how to behave at parties, that which will keep us ever connected with nature, the beast within us, that wild card trickster factor that will keep civilization from strangling all. May the wildness and sensuality within us live and grow within this circle.

Dismissal: Oh pungent air you depart, leaving a lingering aroma and strange stains on the bedsheets. Go if you must, and come again sometime.

Weekday: Pungenday