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Discordian reunion in the Region of Thud.

The Region of Thud, sometimes called Thud for short, is a region whose location is debated in Discordian circles. Some claim it is Whittier, California; some New Orleans, Louisiana; and some wherever you live.


Discordian Metaphysics and the Five Realities[]

The Region of Thud, a.k.a. The Abyss of Hallucinations, a.k.a. Reality This is where we think we are most of the time. It's possible that we are all just programs in a huge computer, or disembodied hallucinating brains in jars or something equally weird; but since this can't be proven, we might as well stick with what we think we know. Some wise guy once defined ``reality as ``that which doesn't disappear when you decide to quit believing in it, which is about as accurate as we can get at our present stage of evolution.

Discordian Metaphysics and the Five Realities, ODD#IV(c);biii;23DSC3155

Book of Lloyd[]

The second sermon of the "Book of Lloyd", as found in The Grate Book of Moo, seems to describe the Region of Thud as perceived reality as seen by the masses.

Book of the Demons of the Region of Thud[]

The Book of the Demons of the Region of Thud aka Goetia Discordia by Kerry Thornley with illustrations by Roldo Odlor has a description too, but we haven't gotten around to reading it.