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Robert Anton Wilson.

And you call yourselves Discordians!

Shame on you all for not having everything he ever said, wrote, quoted, thought, and discussed on this very spot!

Writer, prophet, liar, truthsayer, dead guy. May have even diddled the Goddess (though debate rages as to whether she, in fact, was diddling him).

Author of The Illuminatus! Trilogy.

So believe and follow everything Wilson ever wrote, including "Think for yourself, schmuck!"

--Robert Anton Wilson

Robert Anton Wilson is widely referred to as 'Pope Bob' by true Discordians (and by SubGenii). With Robert Shea, he co-wrote The Illuminatus! Trilogy, and by himself wrote the massively influencial Discordian texts Cosmic Trigger 1,2 & 3. He probably wrote quite a few checks in his time, too, though their entry into the canon is still up in the air.

Saint Robert


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