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Erisian and Cypriot Orthodox Mammes

Saint Mammes Day recognizes Mammes who is twice a saint (in two religions). The saint's day is the 39th of Bureaucracy according to the Erisian calendar and the 2nd of September according to the Julian calendar and 15th of September according to the Gregorian calendar and 17 August in the Roman Catholic calendar and August 7 in Spain.


Mammes, a Cypriot hermit, lived by raising sheep, grazing goats and growing grapes. He did not pay any taxes. The Roman viceroy was angry at a shepherd who did not observe financial discipline, and sent soldiers after him. When the soldiers led the violator to the viceroy, a huge lion ran out of the forest, escaping from the circus. The soldiers, frightened, fled, and Mammes with a single movement of his hand tamed the lion and rode on him to the viceroy. The astonished Roman freed Mammes from all taxes and duties. Since then, this saint has been the patron saint of animals and tax evaders.


Commemorating the Life and Memory of Erisian and Cypriot Orthodox Mammes, twice canonized.

Those who worship this Erisian saint on this day consume wine and cheese (rich in casomorphins), also they are on friendly terms with wild and domesticated animals and do not pay taxes  throughout the year.

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