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First appearance ever of 'Santa Claus'

Santa Claus is either a jolly old elf pulled by miniature reindeer or a large man floating on the wind. Santa Claus delivers disorders received to parents around the world on Giftmas Eve (also called Santa Claus Day), collated on shelves in a foot locker at the South Pole, from the subconscious prayers generated by children during the month before Giftmas when they are forced to do things they don't want to do and won't do throughout the rest of the year.

Saint Claus vs Arian Heretic[]

The Christian Saint Nicholas of Myra, also known as Nicholas the Wonderworker, was the original prototype of Santa Claus. In the opinion of the Russian Orthodox Church, Nicholas hit Arius in the face, for which he was deprived of the status of bishop, but after some time, having consulted, the bishops decided to restore St Nicholas in the rank, and Arius was declared a heretic.

At that time there was great unrest in many churches over the Arian heresy, which denied the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. To pacify the Church, Emperor Constantine the Great called the Ecumenical Council, which met in the city of Nicea in 1491 YOLD. Among the bishops present at the Council was St Nicholas of Myra. The Ecumenical Council condemned the heresy of Arius and drew up the Creed, in which the Orthodox faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God, having the same essence as God the Father, was set forth in precise words. During the debate, St Nicholas, listening to the blasphemous speeches of Arius, became so indignant that he struck him on the face in front of everyone. For the breach of order, the Council deprived St Nicholas of his episcopal dignity. However, soon afterwards, several bishops had a vision in which they saw the Lord Jesus Christ handing St Nicholas the Gospel and the Mother of God placing an omophorion on him. The bishops realised how repugnant to God the Arian heresy was, and restored St Nicholas to his episcopal rank.

Saint Nicholas of Myra slapping Arius at the Council of Nicaea Greek Icon

Detail of a late medieval Greek Orthodox fresco showing Saint Nicholas slapping Arius at the First Council of Nicaea

The Catholic Church today thinks it didn't happen and, in general, you've got it all wrong. According to the Greek Orthodox Church, it was a slap in the face.

Today there is very little reliable information about the original Arianism, except for the Church's condemnation of this religious movement as a heresy. But according to modern Bogomils (according to some religious scholars, who are direct followers of Arianism), Arius "did not deny the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ", as the Church declares today, but rather argued that all people like Jesus Christ are exactly the same children of God, possessing his qualities. According to some information, the Arians and later Bogomils clearly demonstrated this by practising miracle healing, similar to the evangelical Christ.

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