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(This original report on Shamlicht Kids Club Day 2022 was jointly written by the nestlers and nestlings of Nest Roving Bear and Purple Ferret's Nest.)

Purple Ferret's Nest, its spinoff Nest Roving Bear, and guests celebrated Shamlicht Kids Club Day in 2022! The whollyday ended up being a mashup with Kiss and Makeup Day and Rabbit Day.


(Anyone who is not a moral prude can skip the following paragraph. Anti-Discordian Discordians must read it or be pinealized.)

To keep all visual, audial, and tactile content age-appropriate and sanitary, supervising nestlers made morally determinating and discriminating determinations and discriminations morally. Judgment was made by the standards of the *AMA, the *NEC of the *RMA, and was made under the supervision of an *AA law enforcement official. Food surfaces, including those of Citrus limon, were properly sanitized for such use according to the standards of the *AMA for food surfaces. All animals passed in a circle were handled as per ASPCA* guidelines. Decisions on participatorial appropriateness of appropriate participants were based on their embryological origin and level of development. All those applying to participate were decidedly determined to be demonstratively developmentally deuterostomic, and thus legally and morally qualified for participation.


Let the Games begin!

Bodyshake: Nestlers and nestlings welcomed each other with the Bodyshake. In the Bodyshake, you touch feet with another member or leader, each form the 537 sign with both hands and touch the other’s hands, then touch foreheads. Then you move your hands and heads back and forth together while saying “Shamlicht Kids” five times. Or something like that.

Pass the Teddy: This was borrowed from the Teddy Bear Day game. With players split into two circles, a teddy was passed from person to person in one circle, and a stuffed unicorn in the other. Whoever was holding the teddy or unicorn when the music stopped had to perform a specified action. This could be singing, dancing, jumping like a frog, making a ferret face, telling a joke, whatever. While passing a live rabbit was suggested, this was not done.

Make My Makeup: Participants split into pairs, and did each other's makeup. Which could be just about anything. ("Why do you have a mouth on your forehead?" "What's a Purple People Eater?" "It's not easy being green.")

Calvinball: There was some debate about including this game because it "has too many rules." One, players traditionally wear masks, and two, the rules of one game are not to be repeated in the next game. It was argued that not repeating rules meant keeping track of the rules, and that wearing a mask amounted to a uniform, whereas SKC goes with the multiform.

But the debate ended when a member of Purple Ferret's Nest said, "Can't we just play?" so we did. (And any makeup qualified as a mask.)

Cloved Lemon Kissing Game: A cloved lemon was passed around throughout the event, which participants got to kiss. To keep the citruses sanitary, lemons were cleaned in between use with lemon juice.


  • Rabbit Race: Bunnies were available for adoption, so there was a race to see who could get permission to adopt a rabbit first. Rabbit food was available at cost.

New Saint[]

  • Masha and the Bear: We watched episodes of Masha and the Bear. Masha, of Masha and the Bear (Russian: Ма́ша и Медве́дь, Romanized: Masha i Medved) was then declared a Shamlicht Kids Club Saint! Which we think is the same as a Discordian Saint. (Disagreements on definitions can be determined by who wins a game of Calvinball.)


*AA: Ansteorran Association

*AMA: American Madical Association

*ASPCA: Associated Society for Passing Circle Animals

*NEC of the *RMA: Nationul Ethics Committee of the Russian Madical Association

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