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Jointly written article by Shamlicht Kids Club nestlers and nestlings Purple Ferret's Nest and Nest Roving Bear.

Purple Ferret's Nest, its spinoff Nest Roving Bear, and guests celebrated Shamlicht Kids Club Day in 2023! The whollyday ended up being a mashup with the 23 Enigma in recognition of the year A.D. 1923.


While the event was partially inspired by the events of 1923, nothing that began in 1923 was harmed in the making of this event. Aunt Mariah is doing just fine.


Grove 23

The Bodyshake:  Participants touched toes of their feet, or their shoes, with another person, each forming the 537 sign with both hands and touching the other’s hands, then touching foreheads. Then they moved their hands and heads back and forth together, some while saying “Shamlicht Kids," some while saying "twenty three."

The 537 hand sign is also the 23 sign. It is 5 (five fingers counting the thumb), 3 (three fingers up counting the thumb) and 7 (three fingers up counting the thumb plus four fingers (two fingers doubled over). And it's also 2 fingers down, 3 fingers up depending on how you look at it.

Secret Handshake: Some greeting each other with the Secret Handshake, which we can't describe because, well, it's a secret.

800px-Blind monks examining an elephant

Presidential Radio: The first American presidential broadcast over radio was made in 1923. So we heard a "broadcast" from Purple Ferret's Nest nestler/nestling emeritus Bumber Bunny. This was accompanied by a live visual presentation of things important in 1923: dinosaurs, toy trains, and football.

Blind Man's Buff: This was played outdoors using the game's traditional name, Five Blind Men and an Elephant. One player, designated as "It", was blindfolded and groped around attempting to touch the other players without being able to see them, while the other players scattered and tried to avoid the person who is "it". So it was hiding in plain sight and sometimes teasing them to influence them to change direction. When the "it" player caught someone, the caught player became "it" and the catcher fled from them.

Marbles: This game was ring taw (or "ringer"). A ring was drawn on the ground and a number of small marbles were placed within it. Players took turns to flick a larger "taw" marble at these marbles, attempting to knock them out of the ring. More than one game was played simultaneously, generally with PFN and NRB players playing separately from each other. Players were told "Don't lose your marbles!"

Film Presentation: As Walt Disney Studios began in 1923, we watched Disney's 1923 short silent film "Alice's Wonderland." Alice sees animation involving animals being made, then has a dream....

Written by the nestlers and nestlings of Nest Roving Bear and Purple Ferret's Nest.

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