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Day of the Elppin/Jake Day Jr.

(Jointly written article by nestlers and nestlings of Purple Ferret's Nest and Nest Roving Bear.)


This article describes people of a wide variety of ages having harmless, innocent fun together. Some 21st century Discordians may find that offensive.


Fouta bohemeria

Purple Ferret's Nest, its spinoff Nest Roving Bear, and guests celebrated Day of the Elppin/Jake Day Jr. and Towel Day!

Tragedy and Memory[]


Bishop Bangkok aka Governor G'joob aka Mounty Zebra.

Unfortunately, the day was preceded by a tragedy. Bishop Bangkok aka Governor G'joob aka Mounty Zebra had planned to be a guest at the event. He had served as a nestler of Purple Ferret's Nest from 2009-2020 (when it became inactive do to the pandemic), and again in 2022-2023. In between, he was a founding nestler of Leo and Walrus Nest which merged with PFN in 2022. And some of the nestlings he helped had "graduated" to join Nest Roving Bear. But the man retired due to medical issues.

Sadly, the bishop passed away shortly before the event. The man will definitely be missed.

But one of the nestlings said the governor wouldn't want everyone to be sad, but would want everyone to have fun. The rest agreed. So in honor of Bishop Bankok, that's what we did.

Mandatory Attendance Requirement[]

No one was allowed to enter who did not bring a towel! Fortunately, in case of necessity, paper towels were available for free.


15 - Wild Waves

The Bodyshake: Participants touched toes of their feet, or their shoes, with another person. That's while each formed the 537 sign with both hands while touching the other’s hands, then touching foreheads. Then they moved their hands and heads back and forth together, some while saying “Shamlicht Kids," others while saying "Where's your towel" or "I'm Elppin!"

Secret Handshake: Many greeted each other with the Secret Handshake, which we can't describe because, well, it's a secret.

Bishop Bangkok Memorial: Participants got to share something nice, preferably fun, about Bishop Bangkok. Some later made projects in the man's honor--drawings or other things, some to be given to the bishop's family.

Towel Day Dress Code: During part of the event, participants were required to wear a towel. But they could choose how to wear one. Creativity was encouraged. Then we had a towel fashion show to show off our towel creativity.

Musical Towel Chairs: Towels were placed on chairs arranged in a circle. Then someone started music. Players, which numbered one more than the towel-decorated chairs, danced around the circle--until the music stopped. Then the players rushed to sit on a towel. The one who didn't get a towel chair was out--but got to start and stop the music for the next round when a towel chair was removed. The game was held in two sessions, one for Purple Ferret's Nest and one for Nest Roving Bear.

Elppin Jr.: Participants could pull a small prank on each other. To avoid this getting out of hand, each prank had to be pre-approved by a nestler. Fortunately, this went well. The prankee sometimes found it even funnier than the prankster.

Towel Appropriate Cartoon: We watched the 1929 Disney beach cartoon "Wild Waves" that features Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. But did we see a towel?

Blind Man's Buff: This was played using the game's traditional name. One player, designated as "It", was blindfolded by a towel. They then tried to touch another player without being able to see them. The other players scattered and tried to avoid the person who was "it". So it was hiding in plain sight and sometimes teasing them to influence them to change direction. When the "it" player caught someone, the caught player became "it" and the catcher fled from them.

Written by the nestlers and nestlings of Nest Roving Bear and Purple Ferret's Nest.