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Shamlicht Kids Club March 2024 was a march held in March 2024.

Shamlicht Kids Club's Purple Ferret's Nest and Nest Roving Bear, with guests, celebrated March in March! Or something on someday. The day was a mashup of Mojoday/Lingananday (5 Discord-March 19), Discordians for Jesus/Love Your Neighbor Day (11 Discord-March 25), April Fool's Day/Quarter Day (18 Discord-April 1),  St. John the Blasphemist's Day/Blasphemy Day (19 Discord-April 2), and Erister (first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere). And, of course, Pussyfoot Day (33 Bureaucracy-9 September).

Why Pussyfoot Day, when that's in a whole 'nother season? Keep reading.


All activities were verified legal by a graduate of an official Police Academy. Or at least by someone who saw the movie. Seriously, it was all legal and people who taught in schools were present. And no Discordian, Erisian, SubGenius, or Jesusian was pressured to covert to Blasphemism. Or visa versa. And no mouth or foot came in contact with another without permission. Or visa versa.


Female teen feet CENSORED

This image was required to be censored by Fandom (no we're not kidding).

The Bodyshake:  Participants marched to touch toes of their bare feet (or, for some, bear feet) with another person. That's while each formed the 537 sign with both hands and touched the other’s hands, then touched foreheads. Then they moved their hands and heads back and forth together. Some while saying “Shamlicht Kids," some while saying something else.

Secret Handshake: This is...a secret handshake. You expect us to post details here?

Shamlicht Kids Club Song: Participants sang the club's official song. While marching.

Hand and Foot and Mouth: In honor of Discordians for Jesus/Love Your Neighbor Day and Pussyfoot Day, attendees washed each other's feet. That's after washing their hands, and brushing their teeth. The washed feet then stood on clean matts.

Foot in Mouth Discord: This was done in honor of the Deer Creek High School controversial charity fundraising student assembly foot-licking of February 29, 2024 (St. Tib's Day). To make it Erisian, the activity got combined with Pussyfoot Day. To make it SubGenius (money, money, money!), it was blended with April Fool's Day/Quarter Day. Each participant donated a "quarter" to kiss another's foot--or, in reverse, to get their foot kissed.

A "quarter" could be a quarter of a dollar, a quarter of a hundred dollars, a quarter tank of gas, whatever. Proceeds were donated to help those in need. In need of a quarter.

Feast of Spaghetti: In honor of the Feast of St. John the Blasphemist, Mojoday/Lingananday, and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, there was a feast. Some marched to eat the spaghetti, while others marched to bow to it. Many did both. There was also linguini and, in honor of Erister, there were hard-boiled eggs. But no hot dogs in buns. Erister Eggs: While members of Purple Ferret's Nest watched cartoons, Members of Nest Roving Bear put things in plastic eggs. Then the Rovers hid the eggs for Purple Ferret's Nestlings to find. Which the nestlings did while marching. Except for that one egg....

Calvinball: The group played Calvinball. "The only consistent rules of the game are that Calvinball may never be played with the same rules twice and that each participant must wear a mask." -- Wikipedia  Appropriate it being the month of March, this time the rules included marching.

Written by the nestlers and nestlings of Nest Roving Bear and Purple Ferret's Nest.