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Sister Selkey

Sister Selkey swimming and smiling and hiding her very small boobies

Faroese stamp 585 the seal woman

Sister Selkey holding Pislode

Sister Selkey is is co-founder with Kallias Fausto, Pislode, and Buddy Asstain of Subgenius Universal Church of Kallisti. Selkey is a seal.

Personal life[]

Selkey was born to a naval seal at Sex Flags Siesta Hurricane Water Park in Springfield. The date was nine months after the park and Selkey's mother Shamuck were blessed by Father Fundament.


Selkey was trained in the swimming pool of Yuck Fou High School. She already knew how to swim, but there she learned how to talk and walk. At least as well as a seal could do. Then at her high school graduation party in 2022, she got kissed by a human for the first time. After she was kissed by the human Pislode, she transformed into a human. She learned she was actually half seal and half human. Learning the identity of her father was a fundamental question.

After graduating from high school, she attended Springfield A&M where she studies underwater basket weaving and advanced bobbing.