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Society for Creative Anachronism logo. The logo shows a lemon in a cluster of clove leaves.

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an international living history group with the aim of studying and recreating mainly Medieval European cultures and their histories before the 17th century. A quip often used within the SCA describes it as a group devoted to the Middle Ages "as they ought to have been," choosing to "selectively recreate the culture, choosing elements of the culture that interest and attract us." Founded in 1966, the non-profit educational corporation has over 30,000 paid members as of 2014 with about 60,000 total participants in the society (including members and non-member participants).

Discordian connections[]

There are several connections between the SCA and Discordians.


The SCA was founded on May 1, 1966, the anniversary of the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati. Like the beginning of Discordianism, this was in California.

Steve Jackson[]

Steve Jackson, whose company Steve Jackson Games produced the first widely-available edition of Principia Discordia, Warehouse 23, GURPS: Illuminati, and Pyramid Magazine, was an SCA chronicler and baron. SJG also has volunteers called Men in Black, and Jackson is a member of the Order of the Pineapple (OP).

Order of the Pineapple[]

Main article: Order of the Pineapple

In addition to Steve Jackson, members of the Order of the Pineapple who have also been involved in the SCA include Alien (co-founder with Zeus of the Ĕk-sĕn-trĭks Cluborguild); Paganus Grimlove; Reverend Loveshade; Psycho (Saiko); Miley Spears; both The Unknown Homecoming King and Queen; and Zeus.

Cloved Lemon Kissing Game[]

Main article: Cloved Lemon Kissing Game

The game started in the SCA was adopted by Discordians and appears in several Discordian works including Et Cetera Discordia, Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia, and Principia Harmonia. While using a cloved lemon for kissing was invented in the SCA, the name was invented by Discordians.

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