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St. Tib is not a cabbage. They are honored on one of the less-scheduled days in the calendar.

In the Morgan Robbins tarot, one of the cards is titled Let George Do It. Whether or not this tarot should be cataloged at Discordipedia, and if so how any of that should concern St. Tib, are questions that have not yet been adequately explored.

History of Tib and his or her eventual Sainthood[1][]

St. Tib is an aetheric being created by the introduction of Leap Days into calendars. He first became conscious when some bright soul realized that those who are born on Leap Days technically have birthdays substantially less often than anyone else.

In the mid 1800’s, St. Tib took on certain aspects of trickster spirits and urinated in the morning gruel of anyone who forgot the birthday of someone born on St. Tib’s day. Later St. Tib expanded his repertoire to defecating in the oatmeal of those who buy Christmas Babies half as many presents since they “already got you Christmas presents.”

He ages a year on leap years but otherwise does not age at all. When the belief in St. Tib reaches a certain threshold, the soothsayers tell us that all St. Tib’s babies will age at the same rate as St. Tib. In this way, all humanity will know that Discordianism is the one true religion.

The fact that all of this is made up does nothing to change the fact that it is completely true.

Hail Eris.