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See also Gulikday/Fearless Fred Day

Syaday is a holyday that occurs on the 5th day of Confusion aka 31 May. It is dedicated to the Apostle Sri Syadasti.


This Holiday is celebrated by altering your own consciousness in any way that is permissible to your superego and repeating the following affirmation 666 times:

Sri Syadasti Syadavaktavya Syadasti Syannasti Syadasti Cavaktavyasca Syadasti Syannasti Syadavatavyasca Syadasti Syannasti Syadavaktavyasca

In the alternative, some prefer a chant:

Unlike a song, chants are not sung but chanted. This particular one is much enhanced by the use of a Leader to chant the Sanskrit alone, with all participants chanting the English. It also behooves one to be in a quiet frame of mind and to be sitting in a still position, perhaps The Buttercup Position. It also helps if one is absolutely zonked out of his gourd.

   RUB-A-DUB-DUB O! Hail Eris. Blessed St. Hung Mung.
   SYA-DASTI O! Hail Eris. Blessed St. Mo-jo.
   SYA-DAVAK-TAVYA O! Hail Eris. Blessed St. Zara-thud.
   SYA-DASTI SYA-NASTI O! Hail Eris. Blessed St. Elder Mal.
   SYA-DASTI KAVAK-TAV-YASKA O! Hail Eris. Blessed St. Gu-lik.
   SYA-DASTI, SYA-NASTI, SYA-DAVAK-TAV-YASKA O! Hail Eris. All Hail Dis-cord-ia.

It is then repeated indefinitely, or for the first two thousand miles, which ever comes first.