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(Teddy Bear Day is reportedly the favorite holiday of Nest Roving Bear which reportedly reported this report on Teddy Bear Day 2022.)

Nest Roving Bear celebrated Teddy Bear Day with a Teddy Bear's Picnic in September 2022.  Everybody brought a stuffed animal to the teddy bear birthday party!

The members are in older grades or even high school graduates, but decided this time they'd act like young kids.

All the September birthday people got the usual Happy Birthday greeting!

Gazebo Gazella was welcomed to the nest like a newborn bear! The new member was called Crawling Gazella in Purple Ferret's Nest.


The games were all kid's games. There was "Pass the Teddy," "Dress Up Teddy," "Teddy Bear Race," and "Teddy Bear Hugs."

Pass the Teddy: A teddy bear was passed from person to person in a circle. Whoever had the teddy when the music stopped had to do something they were told to do like a preschooler would do it! They might dance, sing, touch their nose with their eyes closed.

Dress Up Teddy: Each person dressed up their stuffed animal in anything they wanted! This got pretty crazy. A stuffed animal can wear almost anything!

Teddy Bear Race: Everybody stood outside in a  line standing side by side. They each held their stuffed animal between their knees. When the gun fired they ran that way to the finish line!

Teddy Bear Hugs: Like tag only different. One player started as the bear. They chased the other players until they clawed someone. Really it was a touch. Then they gave them a big bear hug! The hugged player was now it and got to chase the other players.


Then everybody grew up and made plans for Shamlicht Kids Club Day.

For the results, see Shamlicht Kids Club Day 2022.