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The Teen Alien Impregnation Conspiracy began at the 20th SubGenius X-Day. It led to a schism in the Church of the SubGenius between those who maintained the traditional X-Day date of July 5 and those who claim it is actually May 7.

Just the Facts[]

SubGenii believed for almost 20 years that the space alien X-ists had failed to arrive in their Pleasure Saucers on X-Day, July 5, 1998.

Evidence unearthed in 2017 indicated that the X-ists had come, but in a very tiny saucer that was so small no one noticed it--except for one teenage girl. The saucer apparently took a short flight into her birth canal. It impregnated her to create a device-baby hybrid. The girl, later revealed to be Coco Dobbs, died before giving birth.

The undeveloped hybrid was discovered in a storage box that had been allegedly kept in Warehouse 23. It was in a box with some possibly alien electronic equipment. This led to an experiment held simultaneously in two different locations by Rev. Ivan Stang and Dr. K'Taden Legume. As a result, Stang died. More significantly, the X-ist mother ship was revealed.

When Stang recovered, he began making claims that the July 5 date may have been wrong. Instead of July, it may have been May, specifically May 7. (Some nations render each date as either 5/7 or 7/5). Shortly after that, he suddenly decided to move the Church headquarters from Ohio to Texas.

"This could be like a schism in the Church," said Stang. "it could lead to a complete disruption. There's going to be the Ju-, Julyists and the Maydieists, or whatever, something like that. They're all going to hate each other, and they're all going to hate me the most 'cause that's how it works, isn't it?" (30:32) He even said people would stone him.

Just The Conspiracy[]

Some witnesses (the Julyists) reported that the replacement or "Evil Twin" Stang actually wanted Church members to stone the real Stang to death so that the evil twin could take over completely. Others (the Maydiests) believed the post-revival Stang is the original who fears both for his life and the future of the Church.

Stang (or his replacement) even announced plans for a possible indoor SubGenius gathering on May 7 in Texas. The traditional X-Day is held through July 5 in Ohio. SubGenii who had challenged the concept of an indoor event by the Early Church of the SubGenius were appalled at the apparent reversal of long-standing SubGenius tradition.

In either case, the Julyist-Maydieist Schism threatens to destroy the Church of the SubGenius.

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