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Temple No. 5 emerged as an enigma wrapped in the absurdity of Discordianism; from the interstitial remnant of the burned over region there is a sanctuary where the chaotic essence of existence is personified by the titanic figure of King Kong Bundy - revered as a wrestler avatar of the living chaos that Discordians celebrate.

The subsumed remnant of a derelict USPS located at the bleeding edge of ecstatic religiosity, serves as the brick and mortar Temple No. 5 - a kaleidoscope of professional wrestling memorabilia, surrealist art, and cryptic 'fnords' that both conceal & reveal truths.

A schism within the Temple centers on the contention that King Kong Bruiser Brody, a contrasting wrestling legend, is the 'true Kong'. This division is irreparable, with one faction seeing Bundy as the embodiment of chaotic strength and the other insisting on Brody's primacy. File:TempleNo5 Flyer2.pdf Adherents of Temple No. 5 weave this wrestling pageantry into the fabric of traditional Discordian practices, as chronicled in the 'Principia Discordia'. Their rituals mock the very concept of order within disorder, playfully subverting wrestling's bombastic subculture to showcase the inherent absurdity of existence.

The temple becomes a microcosm of Discordian thought, where the lines between the sacred, the profane, the serious, and the ludicrous are not just blurred but utterly disregarded.