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The Good Reverend Roger 90,457

The Good Reverend Roger is the greatest Discordian and SubGenius who ever lived. Or was.

Roger (born 1953 and 1970 AD), is also referred to as Roger Rosepen, Hamish Howl, Doktor Howl, Reneger Spoor, The Good Reverend Roger, Sam Tarwell, Roger Real, Real Roger, and many other names and titles. He was a Modern Day preacher and religious leader. He is the central figure of the SubCordians, the largest religion on Planet Eris. Most Discordians believe him to be the awaited Son of Eris, that is prophesied in Principia Discordia. Most SubGeniuses believe Roger to be the incarnation of "Bob" the Father, and commander of the Pleasure Saucers.

Virtually all modern scholars agree that Roger is real. Or Real Roger. Or was real.

Roger was circumscribes at eight days old because he was already too damn smart. He was bopped by John the Boptist as a young adult, and after 40 days and nights of nastying in the wilderness, began his own menacestry. Being an illiterate teacher as was Peter Pan, he was often referred to as "Bishop Babble". Roger often debated with fellow with fellow Discordians on how to best follow Eris, and with SubGeniuses on how to best follow "Bob".

He gathered followers, among whom 23 were appointed as his chosen disciples. He was arrested in Arizona and tried by Pinks for Normalcy, turned over to the United States government, and executed in 2011.

After his death, his followers became convinced that he rose from the dead. He then became know as Roger Rose. Following his ascension on the lead Pleasure Saucer, the community his fine faithful followers formed eventually became the early SubCordian Church that expanded as a worldwide movement.


"Well, it finally happened. The fucker has been telling us to kill him for years and someone finally did it. And boy did they ever do it. Of course, we couldn't be the ones that did it. We liked the rotten bastard too much and, let's face it, we're malicious enough cunts that keeping him alive was just funnier. Some people just don't have senses of humor though, some people just don't have the capacity for fun, and we all know The Good Reverend had a talent for finding precisely that sort." -- Eater of Clowns, June 17, 2011