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The Law of Eristic Escalation states: Imposition of Order = Escalation of Disorder


Chaos is the principle which encompasses both order and disorder. When order is imposed, a balancing degree of disorder is introduced through the principle of chaos. The opposite is also true: When disorder is imposed, a balancing degree of order is introduced through the principle of chaos. If the government were to ban all opinions other than officially sanctioned ones, an obvious attempt to impose order, the result would be massive riots (disorder). Most people, blissfully unaware of this law, attempt to impose order anyway, with comical results. The most dedicated, such as Confucius, are considered Eristic Avatars for their trouble.


Several Discordian Cabals have their own ideas of potentially-relevant amendments to the Law of Eristic Escalation, such as the following:

  1. Fenderson's Amendment adds that the tighter the order in question is maintained, the longer the consequent disorder takes to escalate, BUT the more it does when it does!
    1. The Thudthwacker Addendum to Fenderson's Amendment goes on to prove that the presence of a nonlinear term which crops up in Fenderson's calculations serves to cause the escalation of disorder to be completely unpredictable in terms of the original imposition of order.
  2. The Amendment of the Last Priest, also known as the Consequence of Eristic Escalation, states that if disorder is imposed rather than order, that as that disorder ensues, the longer that envoked eventually enevitably erevokably eresponsibly order will follow. As with the law of eristic escalation, the longer that disorder rules, the deeper and more orderly the years of bureaucracy will be fnord upon us.

2nd Analysis[]

Armed with the Law of Eristic Escalation and Fenderson's Amendment and Thudthwacker's Addendum any imbecile -- not just a sociologist -- can understand politics. An imposition of order creates a disorder deficit, which compounds until it is paid off (by enduring all the chaos (both ordered and disordered). Of course, Eris thinks all chaos is outstanding. But we mortals find too much of a good thing a little overwhelming. Thus we cringe when we encounter an anerism -- a pronouncement, that is, which is innocent of the Law of Eristic Escalation.


If you hear that outlawing prostitution will eradicate rape, you are listening to an anerism -- a manifestation of the Aneristic Delusion. (If you read The Sacred Chao -- instead of skipping over it in the recommended way -- you will comprehend the anamysticmetaphysics of aneristics.)

Anerisms Therefnord[]

  1. An anerism nearly always enters the world through the mouth of a politician -- but it can come by way of any authority figure such as a minister or a teacher or a parent or a boss or Ronald McDonald.
  2. The very existence of a wiki bent on organizing Discordian thought escalates the process of incipient chaos by ordering thoughts about chaos. Therefore, the wiki itself is intent upon eristic escalation by ordering random intent, ixt. epso baboonus posterior blech'.