Discordian Wiki

The marijuana dance is a sacred ritual that, when preformed correctly, will result in acquiring marijuana. The source and quantity of said ganja will vary depending on the amusement of Eris and how well you dance.

The ritual is quite simple.

Step 1. Acquire plastic baggies (preferably ones that have been used to hold marijuana). rolling papers, one pipe, and a bong are optional, but DO help with the resonance.

Step 2. Place the bong in the middle of an empty area. This is the focus. If you don't have one, use a Zen bong. Take the empty bags and tie them to yourself (clothing optional). The placement is at your discretion. (Remember Eris IS keeping a point tally- so amuse her). Lick several papers and place them on your face as a tribal mask. Hold the pipe.

Step 3. Slowly begin to chant "marijuana" in the same tune or cadence as the Native American Rain dance, repeatedly. As you chant, shake the pipe and circle the bong. After a few times around go the opposite way (you'll feel when) and begin to shuffle skip. Maintain the chant. As you go, you'll feel when the time is to change direction again, and when to stop.

Step 4. ????

step 5. Profit.

Usually, when I do this, a friend comes by with a sack to smoke with me. Although it has helped me remember where I hid a nug. Once again, the Goddess DOES keep a running point tally, so it's in your best interest to only do it when you have to and to keep it fun!