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The Order

The Order or The Order Of Dis, is a Discordian Cabal which was founded (not exactly but precisely) on the day of Setting Orange, Discord 52nd, YOLD 3178

The Order was founded solely for the protection of Discordianistic values, priciples and beliefs as Discordianism grows and different 'Cabals' or 'sects' appear.


Adopting the traditional circumpunct as their insignia, often with a golden apple at the centre, little is known about how the group operates or even what they actually do. 

Comprised of no more than 23 members at any time, new members are only offered position in the order by individual members who are asked to find a new member by another member. The members of The Order are often prominent members of other Cabals.

Although membership is limited to 23 members, this is merely the amount of heads within The Order; it is unknown exactly how many people follow their teachings, but they consider all Discordians of true faith, regardless of their, Cabal to be a part of The Order.

What makes The Order different from other Cabals?[]

At first hearing of The Order some Discordians may find them to seem slightly Aneristic in their views but this is not the case, followers of The Order are forever bound by their love of chaos and have learned that to protect the true nature of the universe, we must weaponise its enemy against itself; this was the founding of The Order Of Dis.

The main thing separating this Cabal from others is its members follow a strict set of rules which are only divulged to new members in a contractual sense, anyone found to break these rules after undergoing their acceptance is deposed and asked rather nicely not to reveal anything about the organisation or its members.


The Order has two of its own WhollyDay's, one being a day of celebration one day each year when the Gregorian calendar links in the same way as it did on the day The Order was founded (the 5/5/2012) where the numbers of the year add together to make the same number as the day and the month (2+0+1+2=5) It is unknown what will be done when this doesn't work anymore.

The other Whollyday is considered a day of mourning for those who have not yet seen the truth as other Discordians have, this is held each year on the day of the first two digits of the year (Gregorian) and the month of the sum of the last two digits added together, e.g. the day of mourning 2015 will be the 20th day of the 6th month.

Below is a list of these dates from 2015 up to the year 2020.

Days of Celebration & Days of Mourning
08/08/2015 20/06/2015
09/09/2016 20/07/2016
10/10/2017 20/08/2017
11/11/2018 20/09/2018
12/12/2019 20/10/2019
04/04/2020 20/02/2020