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Gavriel 'Discordia' EPIS:327[]

"Some Episkoposes have a one-man cabal. Some work together. Some never do explain." -Malaclypse the Younger,Principia Discordia, Page 00032

I did this...

Being an extraterrestrial intelligence posing as a human, posing as a Graphic Designer, posing as a Culture Jammer, posing as an Agent of Chaos Theory, posing as a Psychedelic Shaman, posing as a Toy Store owner, posing as a Street Sticker Artist, posing as world changing Memetic Developer and Agit-Provocateur.

As an EPISKAPOS Gavriel 'Discordia' is free to oversee his own sect of Discordianism, launch Ops, start Wikia pages, start companies with the name Discordia as part of Project Pan-Pontification, make some of the damn finest Discordian Enamel Pins ever seen, and even print his own edition of the Principia Discordia finer than any other every seen thus far, if it grabs him to do so.

Founder of Operation Indieprenuer.

Gavriel has many Really Real Discordian fuckboy, do-nothing, haters, who are in fact, his biggest fans and buy all his cool shit.

Here are websites I Operate:[]

Discordia Merchandising - A very legitimate business that makes Custom goods for progressive organizations, rock bands, capsule labels, and Cult Groups. Makers of the Finest Discordian Goods ever seen.

Discordia Culture Shop - A Designer Toy Store. A soft sell introduction to the concepts of Discordianism in name only. Sowing disorder in the direction of Big Box Retail by producing and retailing the works of independent creatives and artists.

Populous Ephemera - A Pop Culture emporium that hosts all our in-house counter-cultural goods such as AntiFa stickers, and antique Anti-Racist poster reprints. THIS is where we sell all our actual Discordian Goods!

Join the Underground - The world's longest running Street Sticker Campaign - Founded in 1966.

Psychological Industries - New Ways of Being and Thinking in the Guise of Material Products. Agit-Prop Street Stickers and more.

Pink Nightmare Squad - Feminist capsule clothing label advocating self-defense for girls.

Underground Blend - A Designer Culture Blog. Primarily devoted to Designer Toys and Designer Stickers niche communities. Also the name the longest running Street Sticker Pack series ever, with over 12 volumes, and counting.

My favorite pages[]