Miley Spears

Aneristeaucrat Discordian Royale
  • I live in Mileyland
  • I was born on April 23
  • My occupation is Going into the Peace Corps
  • I am Female

Hi there I'm Miley Spears!Edit

I've been a Discordian since I was 12, a wiki editor since I was 13, and a SubGenius since I was 20.  And I've been an admin of Discordian Wiki since I was 19, since 62 Chaos 3181 and am also an admin of the SubGenius Wiki. and founder of the Order of the Pineapple Wiki. I've worked on Wikipedia (under a different name), the now dead Uncyclopedia (including Discordianism and unhuffing two Discordian American Princess articles that got featured), s23 wiki, Urban Dictionary, and more. A lot of my Uncyclopedia articles and several here are sporks.

I'm a college grad who planned to graduate in Dec. 2015 but didn't until June 2016. I'm a member of Mythics of Harmonia where I'm Discordian American Princess to the Stars.  I'm also a member of Order of the Cloved Lemon and Order of the Pineapple. And there's also PETA, ACLU, SCA.

At a full moon esbat in July 2018, I became a Priestess in a pagan coven. In late 2019 I got accepted into the Peace Corps, so after I leave won't be able to edit much for a while!

If you want help with anything, ask me or another admin.

My favorite pagesEdit

My current projectsEdit

  • Operation Dustin is cleaning out junk templates, categories, articles, etc.
  • Operation Discordianism is to clean up the article, getting rid of non-existent templates, red links that will probably never have articles, etc.

My finished projectEdit

  • Operation Holyday to get every holyday listed in Holyday and Whollyday its own article. At least it's finished until a new article is listed in Whollyday.
  • Operation 333 to get 333 articles on this Wiki by March 33. I got there on Feb. 27, but then threw some dusty bits of junk in the dustbin, so had to add more. It was completed for the second time on March 10, 2015.
  • Operation Categorize is to get uncategorized articles categorized so people can find them.--was done but more to do!
  • Discordia Wikia Policy This is Discordia Wikia Policy. It's official as of Friday the 13th of March 2015.

My user boxesEdit

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