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I'm Pope Hildegard in Discordian circles. I'm an admin here and as of 28 July 2015 am at SubGenius Wiki Clench. When I started here, I'd written for Seti23 Wiki and various other Discordian sites and books, but not for a while! I was honored by Order of the Pineapple so thought I'd better get active again so I'd deserve it. I got a newsletter about Miley Spears reviving this site, so I decided to join in on the fun.

I'm a mother with a son Carl who was adopted when I was a teenager and daughter Erisa who lives with me and loves school. My sother is Fundament who's Discordian in the Marines. A Discordian Marine? Yes.

I learned on May 13, 2015 that I had another child on the way. The expected due date was Dec. 23, 2015, but Phillip came Dec. 26, 2015. In spite of being born late he was on an incubator for a while, but is now doing very well. In more minor news, also on May 13, 2015, I applied to adopt the Sexuality Wiki. I got it, but due to various reasons explained on that site am currently not very active there.

I'm a founding member of Shamlicht Girls which merged with Shamlicht Boys to become Shamlicht Kids Club. I was co-nestler with Sister Hooter of Nest of Pink Vipers (the original Shamlicht Girls) for several years.

I have a degree in journalism and write for a small newspaper. I edit Wikis for fun because it's writing I can't do for the paper. I hope you like what I write here!

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