Discordian Wiki

It shouldn't be that way, but it is. Wikia is going through and deleting images from this site.

Why? Because they think nude paintings are obscene or pornographic. That is if they're new. If they're really old, they're OK.

The paintings weren't at all sexual. One was Princess Unicornia (Lorien Loveshade) painted to look like the portrait of Mona Lisa. Her "breasts" showed, but they didn't even look real. The painting wasn't supposed to. But they deleted it anyway.

They even removed a photo of a man's chest. He has gynecomastia. The photo was on Go Topless Day here, and is on the wikipedia article on that subject on a couple dozens wikipedias in a couple dozen languages. He posted the photo himself. But they decided his chest looks too much like a woman's. I guess if he went to the beach in swim trunks they'd want him arrested.

Meanwhile, other wikia sites are full of nude paintings and sculptures that not only show breasts but also vulvas and penises. Those are OK--as long as they're old.