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Vaginal Fluid is a new classification of Gender Identity specifying the orientation of those who have evolved beyond gender, recognizing that as we all crawled out of one vagina or another we are all essentially female and those identifying otherwise are simply "confused" (don't worry, we have Church Camps to fix THAT.)

This enlightenment Came Upon our most endarkened Popess as she meditated upon the Sacred Yoni one Pungenday afternoon culminating in an eruption of vaginal fluid upon which she was deeply enlightened unto the fact that all humans cumming from vaginal orifices (orificii?) and her personal observation that the only thing that cums from vaginas (vaginii?) is vaginal fluid (which she correctly identified as ectoplasym, the legendary spiritual substance that is the only physical evidence of paranormal activity,) all people must be essentially made out of vaginal fluid. She WAS NOT aware that menstrual blood ALSO cums from vaginas (vaginii?) as all test subjects had been pre-pubescent (NOT an act of pedophilia as the scientist herself was ALSO pre-pubescent, the entirety of her sexual experience cumming from preschool adventures into Amateur Gynecology (she's not a doctor, but she'll take a look;)

Also, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, don't tell her about semen, as that would only complicate the postulate Infinitely.