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Variance petition filed in Matter of Petition for Conforming Non-Conforming Use of Electronic Media dated 23rd June, 2010

Additional provisions sought in the above mentioned Petition as an addition to, add-on, additional add-on opportunity to the Petition, in no ways looking to amend in any subtractive or negative way.

Provisions: Suitability Study for Electronic Land Usage for building of a link to a heretofore undiscovered Discordian, Erisian, Nuts without question, fact of the existence of Something Secret which wishes to Flash Itself in your Face. It wants out with the hunger of Something Secret that has been locked away in the cellar, beneath the floor, behind the hidden panel, down the stairs, past cobwebbed nooks and crannies, just waiting for the right moment. JUST……….WAITING…….FOR……A…….VERY……LONG……TIME. Flat Survey to examine the intersections of other Street Systems, which have been heretofore, undiscovered….you get the picture, don’tcha? And its effect on those Street Systems, not to mention what might happen as a result in Saintland. Approval of Spiritual Overpass to that link to that heretofore undiscovered Something Secret with its heretofore undiscovered Street System.

Contingency Plans for possible outcomes related to an unknown secret subject which will affect everything in unseen ways.

Witness my Mark, given under proper authority of SECRET, preserving the secrecy of the unfolding, borning process of SECRET, and under my own authority as SECRET on this 24th day of June, 2010, which is not secret.