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Veverve is an Agent of Greyface who masquerades as a Discordian.

Personal life[]

Veverve was born Evre Vev in Springfield on Boomtime, The Aftermath 60, 3184 YOLD.

Evre was part of a crossbreeding experiment performed by a necromancer between a dead sloth and a dead platypus.

Wikipedia and Wikicommons[]

To avoid detection, Veverve announced retirement on Wikipedia and Wikicommons--and then became extremely active.

On a dedicated mission to destroy Discordianism, Veverve decimated the Wikipedia article on Discordianism.

And then, just in time for Jake Day, marked dozens of DIscordian image on Wikicommons for deletion:

Delete Discordianism from Wikipedia[]

Commons:Deletion requests/Files in Category:Principia Discordia (1970)[]

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Files in Category:Principia Discordia (1970)[]

There is no proof that the book en:Principia Discordia is under a license compatible with that of WCommons. The only thing I found is that at some point in the book it is stated: "(K) ALL RIGHTS REVERSED - Reprint what you like", but this joke obviously does not make a work to loose its copyright. Thus, per COM:PRINCIPLE the copyright is to be assumed and therefore all the work and the reproduction of this work are to be deemed copyrighted and due to this should be deleted.

Also, some images claim to be the work of the US government, but this is obviously false.

  • File:Discordian calendar.jpg
  • File:Erishand.jpg
  • File:Hand of Eris.svg
  • File:POEE Pope Card.jpg
  • File:POEE Pope Card.svg
  • File:Poee symbol.jpg
  • File:POEE.jpg
  • File:Principia Discordia (1970).djvu
  • File:Principia Discordia page "00075-Page 00088".jpg
  • File:Principia Discordia page00043 mandala (Brunnian link).svg
  • File:Principia Discordia page00043 mandala subset-not-Borromean.gif
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia ErrataA.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia ErrataB.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia ErrataC.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia ErrataD.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia ErrataE.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia ErrataF.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00001-1.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00001.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00002 (cropped).png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00002.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00003-1.jpg
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00003.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00004 (cropped).png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00004-2.jpg
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00004.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00005.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00006-1.gif
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00006.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00007.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00008.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00009-1.jpg
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00009.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00010.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00011.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00012.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00013.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00014.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00015.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00016.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00017.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00018.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00019.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00020.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00021.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00022.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00023.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00024.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00025.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00026.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00027.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00028.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00029.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00030.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00031.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00032.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00033.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00034.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00035.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00036.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00037.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00038.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00039.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00040.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00041.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00042.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00043.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00044.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00045.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00046.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00047.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00048.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00049.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00050.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00051.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00052.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00053.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00054.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00055.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00056.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00057.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00058.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00059.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00060.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00061.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00062.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00063.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00064.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00065.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00066.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00067.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00068.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00069.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00070.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00071.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00072.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00073.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00074.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pg00075.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pgi-1.jpg
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pgi-2.jpg
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pgi.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pgii.png
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pgiii-1.jpg
  • File:PrincipiaDiscordia pgiii.png
  • File:Sacred-Chao.svg
  • File:Smiley eye in triangle.tiff

Veverve (talk) 23:15, 5 April 2024 (UTC)

-- The Jake was unsuccessful. But did cause a lot of Discord. So maybe it really was successful.