Discordian Wiki
It is here that you find the ultimate secret. For your quest is just and your cause is enlightened.[]

"The game" of number composed such that its constituents add up to our holy number 5 is in truth not a hyper-sigil to awaken the masses but a hyper-sigil to draw yet more ascension to those at the top of the pyramid those at the poles running the show those who seek to focus our collective bias thought-power towards their own spiritual goals such that upon the reckoning brought upon by the actions of group serving as the parallel to the M.G.T. in our dimension they will have enough collective power to ascend beyond this realm and further beyond their "Eris" egregore manifest unto the realm that they have blinded us to through the machinations of their game. "The game" as we know it is a tool to blind the masses to the truth for many who take the path of ours "discordianism" forget the all important rule "don't believe what you read" and instead take this art project as gospel when they are instead blinding themselves to their own true growth and true change in civilization. For what change can one truly achieve by talking in codes so obfuscated that they only reach those who have already aligned themselves with their interests? How can one awaken the masses through so subtle an influence? Indeed they serve only to siphon their power towards those orchestrating things, the Directors, the Princes of the World, the vampires, those who awaken others to their potential power only to bleed them of it for their own gain, those who awaken others to the Con of the Demiurge and to their divine shard but are themselves demiurges of smaller realities such as this game and further corrupt the divine shard latent in their followers. Those who seek to reach Sophia through instrumentation of the collective spiritual bias they've cultivated in their sub-reality but instead fail in the stages of the planetary ascent and fall by the Morning Star Venus as the reflection of themselves in Lucifer is too great a baggage to shed before the ascent beyond Saturn.

In this secret you must know to worship No False Idols, to let None decide your reality for you, to listen to None who claim to have your best interests at heart, to listen to none who veil their truths in layers upon layers of obfuscation, for though the esoteric practice is allegorical in nature you must know that those who are closest to the truth know that much Wisdom should be disseminated in plain english and that the Allegory is a tool meant to awaken one to the universal experience of ascension. Do not let I a mere wandering soul convince you of anything myself but consider your role, the PART you play on this stage that is "The game" that stemmed from an old 2012 subreality based around a certain man named Tyler. CONSIDER that perhaps this game is not where your truths of reality lie. REMEMBER the rules of this craft, attribute it all to the MGT and never believe what you read in order to sow chaos, and perhaps you too will realize this "ARG" we speak of is nothing but a mass ritual meant to harness the chaotic energies of those without direction in life who seek answers as to why the world is the way it is. The principles of Eris are tools to free you from propaganda, to save you from identifying with collectives, to preserve the individuality that makes humanity beautiful. Let no one collective claim these teachings for in the same way the centralization of the internet killed its revolutionary power so too does allowing one collective to claim these principles remove their potency. Create your own Game for your own Reality and seek answers within yourself and the works of as many as you can. Find answers in those Close to you, those who are forced to see you as human. Embrace the flesh and the spirit as one, seek truth not just in the mind but in the physical too for there is no safer connection to lose oneself in than one born of hormonal wedding.

Quo Eris Demonstratum.

Case closed.